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Welcome to Army Navy Tattoo

Army Navy Tattoo was established in 1978 and we are a family oriented shop who specializes in nearly every style including traditional american, japanese, black and grey, bright color work, portraits, cover-ups, and custom art work.

We are located at:

7812 George Washington Memorial Highway

Yorktown, VA 23692

Feel free to contact us at: 757-898-6081

Owned and Operated by Letitia Sterling since 1982

She is also a Licensed Tattoo Instructor.

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The absolute best tattoo experience I've had at a tattoo parlor in the state of Virginia. Not only was the cleaniness of the shop immaculate, every single artist was knowledgeable, and the best at their craft.

- Allison Jordan -

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Dave "Spider" Cooper

Dave was taught tattooing in the early 90's by one of the greats Jerry Rieger. He has over 20+ years of experience specializing in all manners and types of tattooing.

He is always willing to expand on your vision as to what you would like your tattoo to be and to make sure you are comfortable and pleased with his work.

Sean Fitzgerald

With his love of art ever since he was a kid, Sean has turned his passion of art into tattooing for the past 12 years and is extremely grateful to all the clients who have helped him craft a living out of his compulsion to create art.

He is always aiming to grow as an artist and trying new forms of art while seeing the client's vision through his eyes. He is very comfortable with both color and black and grey work as well as cover-ups.

Nathan Walton

Nate is versatile in all aspects of tattooing..

Valorie Gawlas

Licensed Tattoo Apprentice

Valorie is a licensed cosmetologist and tattoo apprentice. She has loved art since the moment she could hold a pencil, and it became a part of her. She enjoys and specializes in doing photo realism of animals and scenery. She has a lot of fun tattooing cartoons and colorful pieces. She throws alot of her heart and emotions into her tattoo work and art, and would love to continue sharing her artwork as she was born to do!

Jade Keller

Jade is a self-taught artist since a child. She loves doing neo traditional, anime, florals, and lots of mushrooms! She is willing to try anything to perfect her artistic gift.

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Always been beyond thrilled with the work I come out with every time I've been to Army Navy. I've been tattooed elsewhere around Hampton roads before finding this shop, and ever since my first visit in 2010, I absolutely will not go anywhere else! Phenomenal artists, relaxed environment, clean shop! Everyone treats you like you're family, not just another faceless tattoo. ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND!!!!

- Amanda Hight -

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Contact Us

We are available during shop hours to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to call, message, or stop by the shop and speak to one of our artists.

  • Info:
  • Phone : 757-898-6081
  • Address : 7812 George Washington Memorial Highway, Yorktown, VA 23692
  • Work Hours:
  • Tuesday-Saturday : 12PM - 7PM
  • Sunday and Monday : CLOSED

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